Nikon D500

Nikon D500 Review With Images

I have now posted my Nikon D500 review with images. After shooting and testing the camera for a few weeks now and getting out and shooting it on location and in many different kinds of shooting styles i have to say the D500 Rocks i am glad i ordered this camera to be a part of our beach wedding and photography business it will be put to good use capturing all the love and romance of our beach wedding packages.

Read the review and see a lot of images i shot with the camera.


Upgrading to the new Nikon D500

For many years now i have used a Nikon D40 as my small light weight zoom camera for beach weddings.

It has produced thousands of fantastic images but its time for a upgrade. I now have the new Nikon D500 and it will be replacing my D40 as my zoom camera for beach weddings and we have a new Nikon  70-200 lens matched up with it.

The new Nikon D500 is quite am amazing camera it has a super fast focus system one of the fastest in the world and produces fantastic images rich in details and very sharp as well. It features many new advanced items that making shooting with it a joy. I was on a waiting list for months to be one of the first people in the US to get the Nikon D500 from the first shipments being sent out. When the Nikon D500 arrived we took it out shooting – Horse racing, Motorcycle dirt bike riding, to a Baseball game, To a low light event, to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and a few other shoots. The D500 is a rock solid camera we are glad to have it in our line up for shooting all our beach weddings this year.

Here is a few images i dug up of the D40 in action. The D40 was used on hundreds of beach weddings over the years and not once ever had a problem it works today like it did when i got it. I will make another post with some images from the D500 to show what we have been shooting testing the Nikon D500 out in a Mini D500 review.

Clearwater-beach-wedding-photo-4-17 Clearwater-beach-weddings-image-1-39 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-73 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-114 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-148 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-219 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-267 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo--34 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo-40-22 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo-40-29 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo--149 Spring-Hill-wedding-photography-Photo--4 Spring-Hill-wedding-photography-Photo-359 ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (47) ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (188)