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Nikon D500 Review With Images


I have now posted my Nikon D500 review with images. After shooting and testing the camera for a few weeks now and getting out and shooting it on location and in many different kinds of shooting styles i have to say the D500 Rocks i am glad i ordered this camera to be a part of our beach wedding and photography business it will be put to good use capturing all the love and romance of our beach wedding packages.

Read the review and see a lot of images i shot with the camera.


Upgrading to the new Nikon D500


For many years now i have used a Nikon D40 as my small light weight zoom camera for beach weddings.

It has produced thousands of fantastic images but its time for a upgrade. I now have the new Nikon D500 and it will be replacing my D40 as my zoom camera for beach weddings and we have a new Nikon  70-200 lens matched up with it.

The new Nikon D500 is quite am amazing camera it has a super fast focus system one of the fastest in the world and produces fantastic images rich in details and very sharp as well. It features many new advanced items that making shooting with it a joy. I was on a waiting list for months to be one of the first people in the US to get the Nikon D500 from the first shipments being sent out. When the Nikon D500 arrived we took it out shooting – Horse racing, Motorcycle dirt bike riding, to a Baseball game, To a low light event, to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and a few other shoots. The D500 is a rock solid camera we are glad to have it in our line up for shooting all our beach weddings this year.

Here is a few images i dug up of the D40 in action. The D40 was used on hundreds of beach weddings over the years and not once ever had a problem it works today like it did when i got it. I will make another post with some images from the D500 to show what we have been shooting testing the Nikon D500 out in a Mini D500 review.

Clearwater-beach-wedding-photo-4-17 Clearwater-beach-weddings-image-1-39 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-73 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-114 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-148 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-219 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-267 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo--34 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo-40-22 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo-40-29 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo--149 Spring-Hill-wedding-photography-Photo--4 Spring-Hill-wedding-photography-Photo-359 ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (47) ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (188)

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Beach Wedding Engagement Sessions


If you are coming to the Clearwater area some time before your wedding date and would like to have a full featured beach wedding engagement session? We do offer engagement sessions or bridal sessions that can be shot on a week day just for you.

We would go to A few different locations ending at sunset on the beach – packages included your edited images on DVD with print rights. $350 if you have not booked with us for your wedding and just want the engagement session or bridal session or call for current discount rate if you have booked with us all ready for your beach wedding. A fun session with photos you will love.




Pick Your Beach Wedding Flower Colors


When using our create your own wedding package system you will have many options you can add to your wedding setup. One of the line items lets you pick your flower colors you want to have at your beach wedding. You can pick from Tropical flowers, White flowers, Pick flowers or no flowers. If you pick no flowers you still have the Bamboo wedding arch or setup you picked just with no flowers. May times brides will pick our Ocean Dream Beach Wedding Package with no flowers and just have the color fabric they pick, It’s all up to you we make it easy for you to do design your own wedding package with the flower colors you want.




Clearwater Beach Wedding Arch Setup


Are you looking for a Clearwater beach wedding setup ? maybe a Bamboo wedding arch or Bamboo wedding arbor decorated with flowers and white or color fabric. We have them all many Bamboo wedding arch’s setups to pick from we also have a special black lantern setup and bamboo basket beach wedding setup.

Our wedding packages can be customized adding in items to the a package or taking items off the package like color fabric in many colors at no extra cost, Wedding chairs set up on the beach, color chair sash’s and we have a few different wedding walkways to pick from you can add on to your wedding arch setup. The walkway includes matching flowers or round flower balls, Some include bamboo and others include shepherd hooks. Each walk way includes some greens down at the bottom to make the perfect beach wedding setup.




How To Shoot A Beach Wedding


Shooting a beach wedding is nothing like shooting a normal church wedding many photographers think shooting a beach wedding will be easy but in fact it can be much harder then shooting a church wedding in many ways. You can read about it

We have a full page on how to shoot a beach wedding see it here at shooting a beach wedding


Best time of day for a beach wedding


The best time of day for a beach wedding in Clearwater or ST. Petersburg is one hour before sunset. Afternoon weddings are very hot in summer time and the beach is packed with people that will be seen in all your photos.

We will do you wedding at any time of the day you want but want you to know what to expect. In the summer time and most of the year the beach is very packed with people and it will be very hard to get a parking space. The heat in the summer months can be very hot and you will be dripping wet in no time in the afternoon. Also in the afternoon it can look like you are at a water park in all your wedding photos do to the large amount of people on the beach and walking around.

Don’t be tricked into having your wedding in the afternoon by a wedding company that is over booked and just wants to push you into the hot part of the day to get your wedding booked.

Sunset beach weddings offer much less people on the beach. A much better chance of finding a parking place, Many times a cool breeze coming off the ocean and at this time of day you can end up with some amazing sunset bride and groom photos after the wedding with the sun-setting behind you in the photos something you will never get in the afternoon.

ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (177)

clearwater sunset beach wedding photo

Clearwater Wedding Officiant


We offer large to small wedding package that include a Clearwater wedding officiant. Our small Grand Affair package is a small Romantic Wedding Ceremony on the beach with wedding officiant. A table for the sand ceremony and you choice of sand colors, and professional photography for outstanding beach wedding photos that including print rights so you can make all your own prints in any size and amount you want.

Clearwater wedding officiant

Our Clearwater wedding officiant will have you saying your wedding Vows on the sandy white Clearwater beach and you can request a sunset wedding we start around a hour before sunset the perfect time of day for a beach wedding so you can enjoy the amazing beach sunset as part of your beach wedding. See out grand affair wedding package here for more information

Have Elvis at your beach wedding


At Grand Beach Weddings we know many times some of you want something special and a little different at your wedding so we are glad to offer you Elvis at your beach wedding.

Yes you can now have a professional Elvis impersonator sing at your beach wedding. He can sing as your guests are coming to the beach and sing as you walk down the walk way and sing after your wedding as you walk down.

Its a hunk a hunk of burning love on the beach as Elvis sings for you at your beach wedding. Elvis is now a wedding add on in our custom wedding package designer.

You will be able to talk with him about any special songs you would like him to sing he also can sing many other non Elvis songs as well.


What fun you and your wedding guests will have no need to go to Vegas to get some Love me tender, Blue suede shoes, Hound dog and more bring the excitement of Elvis to your beach wedding.

Elvis is available for all our beach wedding packages large or small.

Our Elvis impersonator brings a custom made guitar that is a battery powered, karaoke, guitar. sound system with built in mike so he can walk around and sing right on the beach for you and your wedding guests. You can also add on beach wedding video production to your package as well.