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Belleair beach wedding at the Belleair beach Club

A few photos from Derry and Selami’s Belleair beach wedding right down the road from Clearwater.

The wedding was at the Belleair beach Club on the beach it was a sunset wedding.  Derry and Selami drove in from Georgia to get married on the beach in Belleair beach Florida.

They ordered our Bamboo Beach Garden Wedding Package and they did some of their own custom decorating making it into their perfect set up for the beach wedding. The wedding started around one hour before sunset so we could shoot into the amazing sunset and get the orange and yellow colors gleaming off the water and sky.






Experience the Clearwater Beach Areas

When coming to the Clearwater area you have to experience parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, gulf fishing, bay fishing, shark fishing, wave runners, what ever your favorite water sport is it’s happening in the Clearwater beach area. Florida waiting for you. If reeling in fish is not your style, a glass bottom boat on a guided tour is another way to enjoy what is swimming below or chartering a boat is also not a bad way to see a gulf coast sunset. Or maybe a glass of wine over looking the beach its all here.

The Clearwater area has so much to do it will keep everyone entertained. Get wet with speed slides, raft rides, pools, or stay dry and check any Art shows and festivals that can be found going on in the area area.

For the shopper, Clearwater offers many specialty shops, boutiques, shopping malls and outlets. There is nothing like eating the fruits of our waters. Florida offers some of the finest seafood Restaurants around.You will have a fun filled time in the Clearwater Florida beach area.



How to make sure you have a real beach wedding photographer

Before booking with any beach wedding company you should make sure you know who is going to be taking your photos as most company’s on the coast do not use a professional photographer or they hire different people on a job by job basis at a price that most Pros will not work for.

After your beach wedding your photos of your wedding day will be your only lasting memories documenting your smile your emotions and every part of your wedding.

The photos taken after the wedding of you your family and wedding party will be your cherished images of you enjoying your moments as husband and wife for the first time. The quality of the images you receive will be dependent on the skill and training of the photographer shooting your photos. Their is not much of point in having a great wedding and setup if you do not end up taking home fantastic photos from your wedding day.

Before you hire anyone, Sign or Pay anything

  • Ask to see a large collection of photos shot by the person that is going to be shooting your wedding so you can see if you like their work. (what if you do not like it)
  • Get the photographers name and phone number so you can talk with them before hiring the wedding company its your right to know what you are paying for and be able to talk with them.
  • Get a guarantee from the wedding company in writing with the photographers name and number on it stating that he or she will be your photographer for your wedding and no one else.
  • Are they going to edit your photos? Who it going to do this the photographer or the wedding company?
  • What file format are they shooting in. the Raw file format is the professional file format any good professional will be using. If they are not shooting in RAW then your photos will just not be as good and will not edit as well.
  • How long will it take to get your photos?
  • Do you get a master DVD of photos that are the large files so you can make your own prints.
  • Do you get a signed paper of copyrights for making prints?. With out one many places will not print your photos.

With Grand Beach Weddings you get a professional beach weddings photographer Ed Morgan that has shot hundreds of beach weddings.

Ed is one of the owners of Grand Beach weddings. We only do one wedding at a time so you will have Ed as your photographer

See lots of our beach wedding photos here


Nikon D500 Review With Images

I have now posted my Nikon D500 review with images. After shooting and testing the camera for a few weeks now and getting out and shooting it on location and in many different kinds of shooting styles i have to say the D500 Rocks i am glad i ordered this camera to be a part of our beach wedding and photography business it will be put to good use capturing all the love and romance of our beach wedding packages.

Read the review and see a lot of images i shot with the camera.


Upgrading to the new Nikon D500

For many years now i have used a Nikon D40 as my small light weight zoom camera for beach weddings.

It has produced thousands of fantastic images but its time for a upgrade. I now have the new Nikon D500 and it will be replacing my D40 as my zoom camera for beach weddings and we have a new Nikon  70-200 lens matched up with it.

The new Nikon D500 is quite am amazing camera it has a super fast focus system one of the fastest in the world and produces fantastic images rich in details and very sharp as well. It features many new advanced items that making shooting with it a joy. I was on a waiting list for months to be one of the first people in the US to get the Nikon D500 from the first shipments being sent out. When the Nikon D500 arrived we took it out shooting – Horse racing, Motorcycle dirt bike riding, to a Baseball game, To a low light event, to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and a few other shoots. The D500 is a rock solid camera we are glad to have it in our line up for shooting all our beach weddings this year.

Here is a few images i dug up of the D40 in action. The D40 was used on hundreds of beach weddings over the years and not once ever had a problem it works today like it did when i got it. I will make another post with some images from the D500 to show what we have been shooting testing the Nikon D500 out in a Mini D500 review.

Clearwater-beach-wedding-photo-4-17 Clearwater-beach-weddings-image-1-39 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-73 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-114 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-148 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-219 Clearwater-beach-weddings-photo-1-267 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo--34 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo-40-22 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo-40-29 Spring-Hill-wedding-Photo--149 Spring-Hill-wedding-photography-Photo--4 Spring-Hill-wedding-photography-Photo-359 ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (47) ST. Petersburg-beach-weddings (188)

Beach Wedding Engagement Sessions

If you are coming to the Clearwater area some time before your wedding date and would like to have a full featured beach wedding engagement session? We do offer engagement sessions or bridal sessions that can be shot on a week day just for you.

We would go to A few different locations ending at sunset on the beach – packages included your edited images on DVD with print rights. $350 if you have not booked with us for your wedding and just want the engagement session or bridal session or call for current discount rate if you have booked with us all ready for your beach wedding. A fun session with photos you will love.




Pick Your Beach Wedding Flower Colors

When using our create your own wedding package system you will have many options you can add to your wedding setup. One of the line items lets you pick your flower colors you want to have at your beach wedding. You can pick from Tropical flowers, White flowers, Pick flowers or no flowers. If you pick no flowers you still have the Bamboo wedding arch or setup you picked just with no flowers. May times brides will pick our Ocean Dream Beach Wedding Package with no flowers and just have the color fabric they pick, It’s all up to you we make it easy for you to do design your own wedding package with the flower colors you want.




Clearwater Beach Wedding Arch Setup

Are you looking for a Clearwater beach wedding setup ? maybe a Bamboo wedding arch or Bamboo wedding arbor decorated with flowers and white or color fabric. We have them all many Bamboo wedding arch’s setups to pick from we also have a special black lantern setup and bamboo basket beach wedding setup.

Our wedding packages can be customized adding in items to the a package or taking items off the package like color fabric in many colors at no extra cost, Wedding chairs set up on the beach, color chair sash’s and we have a few different wedding walkways to pick from you can add on to your wedding arch setup. The walkway includes matching flowers or round flower balls, Some include bamboo and others include shepherd hooks. Each walk way includes some greens down at the bottom to make the perfect beach wedding setup.